LILY PAD – 26′ Cruiser

26′ V-Bottom raised-deck weekend cruiser

Shortly after we launched the prototype of Doug’s TOP HAT design in 2002, he sketched another version along the same lines but with a higher topsides, a windshield and shelter top. The sheathed strip plank construction method allowed us to do away with the sawn frames which saved labor and space; a cored foredeck eliminated the need for deck beams, providing more head room down below; the main bulkhead was moved aft allowing space for a toilet opposite a sink and cupboards aft of the v birth; and of course the higher raised deck sheer with windshield and shelter top.

While retaining the good sea keeping, graceful lines, and the quiet running provided by the outboard’s location in an enclosed “well” at the stern, the new design’s better protection from the elements and more accommodations space transformed it into a comfortable weekend cruiser.  In 2013, a boat was commissioned to the new design, BAGATELLE, for customers seeking to explore the numerous sheltered coves and islands of the Maine coast.  What followed were many wonderful days and nights on the water, and a steady parade of turned heads, fascinated inquiries, and captivated photographers.  The success of BAGATELLE led to the building of a sister vessel, SKYE (Best in Show, Professionally Built, 25th Annual Woodenboat Show!), and most recently to the launch of LILY PAD!

If you are interested in more information on these designs or to speak with us about commissioning your own custom boat, please feel free to contact Ellery Brown at or by phone at 207.359.9807


LOA – 26′ 6”
LWL – 25′ 5”
BEAM – 8′ 2″”
DRAFT – 1′ 4”
DISPLACEMENT – 3680 lbs.
CONSTRUCTION – Sheathed strip plank.
SPEED – Up to 17 knots

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