HUNNY – 43′ “Chummy” Rich Downeast Cruiser

HUNNY – 43′ Chummy Rich Cruiser

Chummy Rich Built, Hylan & Brown Renovated – HUNNY


This fall we brought a 1976 43’ Chummy Rich Downeast cruiser called HUNNY (ex SEA STAR) into the main shop. The boat was purchased at a reasonable price with a low hour/ well maintained 370 HP Yanmar engine. Before long we had her stripped down to a bare hull and Doug was enlisted for designing all new superstructure and accommodations, while Ellery and Don Eley set about planning a cutting edge electrical system.

HUNNY’s owner hails from Mississippi and it was important for him to incorporate some southern charm into a boat that is otherwise all “Downeast.” He personally sourced hundreds of board feet of “sinker cypress” for interior joinery, trim and paneling from Albany Woodworks in Tickfaw Louisiana. “Sinker” cypress is old growth cypress that has been recovered from the bottoms of bayous, lakes and rivers in the south where it has been lying preserved for 100 years. Not surprisingly it’s time in the bayou tells it’s tale in the color of the wood which varies from a rich “rainbow” brown reminiscent of fresh-sawn Teak, to an iridescent golden amber. We’ve enjoying getting to know this fascinating lumber.

Tastefully shrouded in this re-claimed pre-historic lumber will be a cutting edge electrical system providing her owner every comfort of home without ever plugging in. A 900 amp Victron Lithium-Ion battery bank from PKYS will silently power two heat pumps (for climate control), an induction cook top, electric “multi oven” freezer, fridge, hot water, flat screen TV and much more. When the sun shines a 1500W Solbian SR+ solar array will keep the battery bank topped up without any noise. If HUNNY is underway a 215 amp Balmar Li alternator will keep her charged.

When finished, HUNNY will be a wonderfully unique venue in which to experience the best and most remote secrets of the coast quietly, responsibly and in complete comfort.