A Low Impact Coastal & River Cruiser

Here is another of my “imaginary designs” which means that the plans are carried far enough to assure that the basic ideas will work, without investing the serious time it takes to produce a set of working drawings. She is another in my “Hat” series – a line of powerboats that, for unfathomable reasons, are named after hats. All of these boats have chine hulls, either completely or largely built using plywood. They are all semi-displacement type hulls and are designed to use modern outboards for power, although most can be modified for inboard diesel propulsion.

BERET is conceived as a comfortable live aboard for a cruising couple and their occasional guests. She has a beamy, low freeboard hull with shallow draft intended for coastal or river cruising, and will incorporate several features intended to keep her initial and operating costs at a reasonable level.

For more on this design, see my blog post at (a membership website).