Kits for some of our designs are available directly from Hewes & Co. in Blue Hill, Maine.  For more information on our kits, see the PDFs available for download below. To order a kit, please contact Gardner Pickering of Hewes & Co.:

Gardner Pickering
Marine Projects Manager
Hewes & Co.
PO Box 599
419 Ellsworth Road
Blue Hill, Maine 04614
Phone: 207-460-1178
Web Site: Hewes & Co. Boat Kits
Price List: Summer 2019 Price List (check website link to see latest prices)

Available Kits

OONAGHLittle Crab

OONAGH PlansCNC kit, and a series of “how to build” videos are now available exclusively through

BENJAMIN RIVER PEAPODBenjamin River Peapod profile

Click to see more about the Benjamin River Peapod kit (PDF).


Click to see more about the LITTLE CRAB kit (PDF).

BEACH PEAbeach pea

Click to see more about the Beach Pea 13 kit (PDF).

POINT COMFORT 18Point Comfort 18

Click to see more about the Point Comfort 18 kit (PDF).


Click to see more about the BOWLER kit (PDF).