This project came to us from one of our storage customers who owns a lovely replica of N. G. Herreshoff’s famous Alerion III. THETIS’s owner wanted a way to get back to the mooring when the afternoon breeze utterly failed, and didn’t want to despoil his wonderful cockpit with an engine box.


Here in the Benjamin River, we often move large boats around by using our yard garvey tied “on the hip”. This involves tying the push boat on one quarter of the bigger vessel as far aft as is convenient.  With these requirements in mind, THETIS’s tender is lower sided and beamier than is typical. To counteract the weight of the transom mounted motor, her stern is a bit wider than average (but still tucked well up for decent rowing) and her seating is moved forward a bit. Finally she sports generous gunwale guard to eliminate the need for rigging fenders.


LOA: 11’4″
Beam: 4’6″
Weight: 150lb approx.

Plans information coming soon.