SARDINE – A garvey designed and built by Harry Bryan.


SARDINE’s owner enjoys his Harry Bryan built garvey on a crystal clear pond in Downeast Maine. The beloved boat is the epicenter of cherished family gatherings throughout the summer. SARDINE has always been quiet with a 4-stroke Honda in an insulated motor well. But switching to electric propulsion has provided the new and remarkable experience of silent, emission free swimming, stargazing and exploring on the pristine pond.

We installed a Torqeedo Cruise 10.0 with two 5kw Lithium Ion Torqeedo batteries and a 240V fast charger. With her new electric system SARDINE was capable of better acceleration and slightly better top speed than with her 20 HP Honda.

A pond/ lake house like this has proven to be the perfect venue for the latest developments in “e-mobility on the water.” Working with a talented crew from Nate Holyoke Builders and master electrician Matt Davis, a 240V shore power post was built on the dock that is in keeping with the aesthetic of the cottage. After an excursion on the pond SARDINE can plug in as easily as making off a dock line and will charge the batteries from flat in 2 hours.

This year we will be one of the first to take delivery of a much anticipated electric outboard from Pure Watercraft of Seattle WA. SARDINE’s Torqeedo system will be installed on her sister ship TROUT and the Pure Watercraft system will be installed on SARDINE. This will give us a unique opportunity to compare and contrast competitive systems that represent the absolute latest in electric propulsion technology.

Photo / Video produced by Hemmings House Pictures Ltd., an impact film company.   Used with permission, all rights reserved.