Through our extensive experience with complete, historically-sensitive restoration of classic wooden yachts, we have proven time and again that quality older traditionally built boats, even in very poor condition, can be brought back to fulfill modern yachting needs in a cost effective manner. We utilize appropriate modern techniques and materials where they can reduce maintenance and improve longevity without detracting from appearance.

Here is a partial list of some of our recent restoration projects:


VEGA’s owner brought her to us with a conversion to electric propulsion in mind.


We brought a 1976 43’ Chummy Rich Downeast cruiser called HUNNY (ex SEA STAR) into the main shop

aidaMOLLY B.

The restoration of this 27’9″ C.C. Hanley catboat relaunched in 2016.


This 1923 R-class keel sloop–designed by Charles Mower and built by Hodgdon Brothers–has been relaunched after an extensive structural and cosmetic restoration.

WATCH HILL 15watch hill

This WH-15 (HMCo hull # 890) was originally called TOBASCA, then BLACK ARROW, and more recently GERALDINE.


A complete restoration of this 1926 N. G. Herreshoff classic, the first major structural work since launch.

KUAN YINkuabn yin

New deck, transom, garboard repair, and other work on this 1964 Laurent Giles teak cutter built by Cheoy Lee in Hong Kong.


Preliminary restoration and repair work on this 1903 Herreshoff 46′ gaff cutter.


Alvin Beal lobsterboat, circa 1952 complete restoration and deckhouse design.


65′ sardine carrier, complete restoration and conversion to yacht use.


Luder’s 16, complete restoration, cabin, cockpit and rig modifications.


41′ L. F. Herreshoff ketch, complete restoration including new keel, interior, rig.


Winter Harbor 21′ class, complete restoration

hot spurHOT SPUR

Ralph Winslow 25′ sloop, new keel and ballast configuration.

silver heelsSILVER HEELS

Murray Peterson schooner, deck & transom repairs, refastening.

concordia yawlsCONCORDIA YAWLS

Several extensive repair jobs.