VEGA’s owner brought her to us with a conversion to electric propulsion in mind.

His intended use was well suited to electric power: regular joy rides, picnic excursions and cocktail cruises off his dock with (shore power) in Sorrento, an occasional cruise to Stonington, Brooklin, or even western Penobscot Bay. The boat was a great candidate for electric, too: fine bow, long waterline, narrow beam and a not-quite submerged transom.

The conversion was a success. With one season under her belt, we learned a lot about her abilities: She can easily go from Brooklin to Sorrento on a single charge; She can make regular short cruises and re-charge on solar alone (even in a rainy summer like 2023!). And a lot more.

We look forward to sharing more about VEGA soon. In the meantime here are some of her particulars and video (courtesy of Enjoy!

LOA – 33’
BEAM – 9’
DRAFT – 2’6”
BUILDER: Seth & Les Rice, Great Cranberry Island, ME, 1936

CURRENT POWER:  Electric Yacht QT20.0 (20 kW, 48 V)
BATTERY BANK – 30 kWh (6x Victron 24V-200Ah Smart LiFePO4 batteries)
SOLAR ARRAY – 800 W (4x Renogy 200 W 12 V flexible monocrystalline panels)
RANGE AT SPEEDS (examples)- 65 nm at 5 kts, 25 nm at 7 kts