A 43′ workboat-inspired power cruiser

DELIVERANCE’s story began when a long time customer saw the design for MANATEE, a tiny coastal cargo vessel, originally published in The Rudder magazine in 1921. We extensively reworked her lines– beam and length were increased, draft and displacement reduced, her forward deck raised for better accommodations and her forefoot cut away for better handling is a seaway. But her handsome workboat origins and classic detailing remain dominant.

DELIVERANCE is a good example of what Hylan & Brown – Boatbuilders has become know for: re-interpreting classic designs, and building them using the best combination of traditional and modern construction methods.


43′ LOA
38′ 5” LWL
11’2″ Beam
3’8″ Draft
24,000 lb. Displacement
Construction is Douglas Fir carvel planking over oak backbone, bronze fastened.
Fuel capacity is 360 gal., water 340 gal.
Cruising speed is 8 knots, using 2.4 gal./hr.