Currently in the Shop – New Albury Brothers Runabout & Electrified VEGA

Currently under construction in our shop is a new Albury Brothers Runabout from Doug’s plans (Albury plans for sale here).   More construction photos to follow when the dust clears.

Doug Hylan’s plans bring to life the timeless profile of the Albury Brothers Runabout.

Also in the shop is a locally-built boat, VEGA, originating on the Cranberry Islands off Mount Desert Island.   A ~32′ open launch with a “downeast hull”, VEGA’s new owner is trading the inboard diesel for a new electric inboard from Electric Yacht, powered by a bank of Victron Energy LifePO4 batteries, with a high-output solar array on a custom “solar top” over the cockpit.  More details on this project will be available soon.

If you are interested in a custom-built boat to our plans or to your own specifications, or perhaps are considering taking your existing wood boat into the quiet world of electric propulsion, please contact us at 207-359-9807, or email