Fast Sailing for Lazy Sailors

SELKIE is a classically inspired day sailer that will offer spirited sailing without a lot of acrobatics on the part of her crew. Easily singlehanded, her large cockpit will accommodate six when the skipper is feeling sociable. Her stable hull will keep her feet in a breeze, with no hiking out or early reefing required. She sports a tiny cabin where two adventurers can spend the night.

23’3″ LOA
7′ 6″ beam
2′ 6″/4’6″ draft
2980lb displacement




We’d love to build her for ourselves, but alas, it’s not in the cards for us. So we’ve got to find someone who shares our excitement for SELKIE’s potential to bring this exciting new design from concept to reality by commissioning hull # 1. Click here for all the details, including our discount offer.

SELKIE’s plans are being drawn with the ambitious amateur builder in mind. Her overall size and modest draft will make her easily trailer-able and well within the capacity of the typical back yard boatyard. SELKIE’s hull construction is similar to that used in stripper canoes – quick and simple, with materials that are readily available . Plans will include full sized patterns for all molds & bulkheads, computer faired so that no lofting will be required.

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