What’s New in the Shop 2008-2009

Winter 2008-2009

43ft power cruising boat DELIVERANCE
Backbone and molds for 28′ ROZINANTE


Designed by Doug Hylan for a long-time customer, work on the new 43′ power cruising boat DELIVERANCE began in August 2008.


The Angelique stem (foreground) and white oak keel (background) are shaped, fitted, and assembled.










The molds are lofted and assembled on the loft floor.










The backbone is erected on the shop floor, awaiting tail pieces and molds.



Designed by L. Francis Herreshoff, ROZINANTE is well known for her speed and beauty under sail. This customer asked us to build him a complete backbone, molds, and white oak frames for shipment to him in New Zealand. Once there, he will complete her with native woods. The following photos show her undergoing final fitting and assembly, prior to disassembly and packing for shipment. We built a complete boat to this design, LIGHT BREEZE, a few years ago.