Construction Photos



The hatch in the foreground leads to the fo’c’sle with bunks and head. The engine room hatch is just forward of the pilothouse on the starboard side.









Wide side decks and a gunwale-to-gunwale deck space forward of the pilothouse are notable features of this design.






With the planking complete, the deck beams are fitted and installed.






The horseshoe stern after installation of the deck beams.








Work begins on the interior. The forward cabin is shown here.







The sheer plank is wider than most of the other planks, and we steamed it beforehand for easier installation.

MOVIE DOWNLOAD AVAILABLE: Click the image to see a video of the steaming of this plank (13MB AVI file).




As planks are added, the complex shape of the horseshoe stern begins to take shape.







Planking begins, starting with the garboards (the first plank up from the keel).






Here we see DELIVERANCE completely framed and ready for planking. As planks are added, the temporary ribbands are removed. Confused? We’ll add photos of the planking process as they become available.





Forward of the horeshoe stern, the frames are white oak. They are steamed, bent into place, and temporarily clamped to the ribbands. When they have cooled a bit, the clamps are replaced by temporary screws.







Here the horsehoe stern–previously laminated off the boat–is lowered into place, bolted to the tail feather. and temporarily attached to the rear-most molds.




The temporary molds are erected on the backbone. These determine the overall shape of the hull, so they are carefully plumbed, leveled, and faired.





Here the various parts of the backbone–keel, stem, tailfeather, and floors–have been bolted together and the completed structure is being blocked and plumbed on the main shop floor. Steam-bent white oak frames will later be bolted to the numerous transverse floors to form a strong and relatively light-weight structure.








The molds are lofted and assembled on the loft floor.








The Angelique stem (foreground) and white oak keel (background) are shaped, fitted, and assembled.