Do you take Credit Cards? How can I pay for my plans?

As if August 1, 2007, you can now use the PayPal ordering system to pay for most plans. PayPal accepts Visa / MC / AmEx / Discover / eCheck / PayPal. Or you can send a check or money order to: COQUINA, 53 BENJAMIN RIVER DR., BROOKLIN, ME, 04616. We do not wait for personal checks to clear, usually shipping your order within a day or two.

Do you ship plans outside of the US?

Yes, we will ship plans anywhere. International postage rate are $50.00 for plans and $8.00 for a CD.

Before I buy, where can I get more information on Coquina?

The best source for general information is Maynard Bray’s article in WoodenBoat, number 187. Another good reference is Michael Hanyi’s article in the Nov/Dec 2001 issue of the British magazine Watercraft.

I have some woodworking experience but have never built a boat before.
Do you think I can build Coquina?

This is a very difficult question to answer. We have seen beautiful boats that have come from the hands of inexperienced builders. And we have seen not-so-nice boats from builders with considerable experience. Given enough time, almost anyone can build a boat that will float and sail or row. We have gone to great lengths to put together a plans package that is as detailed as possible, in order to leave as few questions as possible for inexperienced builders. We have found that this is the best way to insure success in a project like this.

Should I build a simpler boat first before building Coquina?

If you have no boat building or woodworking experience, this may not be a bad idea. If it is a very simple boat, like Joel White’s fine Nutshell pram or Shellback dinghy, you may find that the skills acquired in building it will so speed up your Coquina project that you will have two boats for nearly the same time commitment as one. And once you start building boats, you are likely to want to keep it up.

Can I count on you for help in building my Coquina?

We want your Coquina project to have the best possible outcome, but unfortunately, if we answered every question that came our way, we would never get anything else done. You might consider asking someone to work with you on your project. This person may have more experience than you, and two heads are usually better than one. On our CD, we will provide a more extensive FAQ section addressing builder’s questions, as well as a list of applicable books and sources for maternials. Old WoodBoat Magazines are a great source of information – check out their on-line index. Finally, the WoodenBoat Forum at can be a source of helpful (and sometimes not so helpful) information. If you need to contact me, e-mail me through this web site and include your phone number and best time to call.

What are the pros & cons of traditional construction?

Traditional plank on frame construction is the real thing – just what Herreshoff himself used. Some builders enjoy working in real wood and avoiding epoxy. A higher level of skill is required for traditional construction – joints are more complicated, steam bending is required, and better fits are required.

What are the pros & cons of glued lapstrake construction?

Glued lapstrake plywood boats are immune to drying out and the problems associated with the natural shrinking and swelling cycle of wood. They don’t leak, and are much better able to withstand life on a trailer. Their maintenance is slightly lower and the skills required to build them are less fussy.

I love Coquina, but do not have the time or interest to build my own.
How much does it cost to have one built for me?

At Hylan & Brown – Boatbuilders the current price for a completed Coquina is around $29,000.00. Consult with other builders for their prices.

How may hours are involve in building Coquina?

Our first boat took us about 250 hours to complete the hull, about 850 man hours for the total project. This was for an experienced builder.

How much are materials likely to cost to build Coquina?

For the boats we built, the materials came to about $3200.00. We enjoy some wholesale and quantity discounts, but not to a great extent on a boat of this type.

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