Hylan Boats in the Press

The Designs of Doug Hylan
WoodenBoat, July/August 2019
WoodenBoat‘s cover article interviews Doug about his designs and discusses his boat building history. Nice photos of GRAYLING, DIANA, PENOBSCOT, GATSBY, PELICAN, and other projects dot the article. Sketches of various designs are featured, including BEACH PEA, CHESAPEAKE CRAB SKIFF, the BEN GARVEYS, ALBURY BROS. RUNABOUT, and others.

WoodenBoat, May/June 2019
There’s a nice review of LITTLE CRAB in WoodenBoat issue 268.

Old-fashioned artistry defines a small shop in Brooklin, Maine
Soundings, June 2017
Laurie Schreiber‘s cover article describes the history and philosophy of the Hylan shop, including photos and information on significant projects from over the years.  The cover photo is of BAGATELLE.

Ellsworth American
Stephen Rappaport’s article about the relaunch of MOLLY B. is entitled Historic old catboat gets new cast of characters.

WoodenBoat: 256:12
There’s a nice writeup by Tom Jackson about BOWLER in this issue (Nov/Dec 2016).  For more information about this stock design, see BOWLER.

WoodenBoat: 255
Tom Jackson wrote about MOLLY B. in the “Around the Yards” section.

Off Center Harbor
To celebrate the centennial of GRAYLING’s launch, offcenterharbor.com, a subscription website, has produced a video entitled Following a Course: A Centennial Tour of GRAYLING.

Maine Boats, Homes and Harbors
See Issue 133 for a writeup on BAGATELLE. For more on the boat, see our BAGATELLE web page (or BOWLER for information about the stock design).

Maine Boats, Homes and Harbors
There’s a nice piece mentioning SELKIE in Issue 132. See Custom Design for more on this design, which is currently under development.

Ellsworth American, July 2, 2014
The Ellsworth American had a nice piece by Stephen Rappaport about the launching of BAGATELLE.

Point Comfort Skiff and Beach Pea
WoodenBoat Magazine’s Small Boats 2014
The Point Comfort 18 Skiff and the Beach Pea are featured in WoodenBoat Magazine’s Small Boats 2014.

WoodenBoat: 237:878
A design review of OONAGH is featured in the March/April 2014 issue of WoodenBoat.

Maine Boats, Homes and Harbors
There’s a nice write-up about PENOBSCOT by Maynard Bray and some great pictures by Benjamin Mendlowitz and others in Maine Boats, Homes and Harbors and Life on the Coast.

2014 Calendar of Wooden Boats
Noah Publications
TUVA, a 1929 32ft power cruiser in our care, is April in this calendar.

DELIVERANCE is reviewed in WoodenBoat Magazine’s 2013 MotorBoats: A World of Wooden Power Craft.

Boat Design Quarterly
The POINT COMFORT 18 is reviewed in issue 42 of Boat Design Quarterly.

AIDA: N. G. Herreshoff’s finest shallow-draft yawl
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“Here is the story of N.G. Herreshoff’s finest shallow-draft yawl told by long-time Calendar of Wooden Boats® contributor Maynard Bray. Aida chronicles the history of the Bray family’s boat and the skilled, authentic restoration undertaken by Hylan & Brown – Boatbuilders …” — quote from publisher’s web site about AIDA.

Yachting Magazine Facebook page
Yachting Magazine’s Facebook page includes a photo of DELIVERANCE with comments.

Yachting Magazine Facebook page
Yachting Magazine’s Facebook page includes a photo of POSTHASTE IV with comments.

WoodenBoat: 225:85
A design review of D’ANNA, our evolution of the 29′ Beals Island lobster boat DIANA.

Boring Bars and Deadwood
by Ellery Brown
WoodenBoat: 220:22
This article, by Hylan’s own Ellery Brown, describes the deadwood and techniques used in boring the shaft hole for MOLLY B. A 1927 cat-yawl, MOLLY B. is in the shop for a complete restoration.

Cover photo of NELLIE
Classic Boat
The beautiful 1903 Herreshoff gaff cutter NELLIE appears on the cover of the May 2011 issue of Classic Boat. The accompanying article describes the complete restoration of this 1903 classic by a “dream team of specialized craftsmen”. Our involvement included preliminary repair and restoration work, 2004-2008.

Cover photo of BRENDA KAY
Maine Boats, Homes & Harbors
There’s a very nice photo of BRENDA KAY on the cover of the April/May 2011 issue of MBH&H. It shows her launching outside our shop, and the photo is by Benjamin Mendlowitz.

New Power Cruiser Unveiled at Boatyard’s Open House
Ellsworth American
DELIVERANCE is featured in this article about our Open House to celebrate her completion.

Downeast Roundup
Maine Boats, Homes & Harbors
This article in MBHH’s Boats of the Year issue discusses BRENDA KAY and includes a nice photo of her underway.

The Book of Wooden Boats,
Volume III

Noah Publications
This book includes a number of boats built or restored at Hylan’s, including TUVA, POSTHASTE IV, BEACH PEA, and DIANA.

2011 Calendar of Wooden Boats
Noah Publications
DELIVERANCE is the February boat in this calendar.

by Mike O’Brien, WoodenBoat 210:96.
A design review of SIRI, an 18′ daysailer/beach cruiser.

Molded Sheerstrakes
by Ellery Brown, WoodenBoat 208:36.
The techniques used to make the Herreshoff-style moulded sheerstrakes for the restoration of AIDA are discussed in this article.

Small Boats 2009: 36
A review of the Hird Island Skiff appeared in the 2009 edition of Small Boats.

2010 Calendar of Wooden Boats
Noah Publications
AIDA is the September boat in this calendar.

A Lifetime in Boats
October 2008, Soundings Magazine
This Soundings article discusses a number of boats built and restored by Hylan & Brown – Boatbuilders , including two boats called RED HEAD, GRAYLING, and COQUINA.

2008 Calendar of Wooden Boats
Noah Publications
POSTHASTE IV is the April boat in this calendar.

2005 Calendar of Wooden Boats
Noah Publications
DIANA and BEACH PEA are featured in this calendar.

2003 Calendar of Wooden Boats
Noah Publications
BEACH PEA is featured in this calendar.

by Robert W. Stephens, WoodenBoat 168:86.
A design review of Doug Hylan’s TOP HAT design, a fuel efficient 26′ launch.

by Maynard Bray, WoodenBoat 159:66, 160:106 & 161:40.
A three part series describing Doug Hylan’s construction of Harry Bryan’s 21′ HANDY BILLY design, a fuel efficient power boat.

Chesapeake Sailing Skiff
by Mike O’Brien, WoodenBoat 157:74.
A design review of Doug Hylan’s 15′ 4″ vee bottom sailing skiff based on traditional Chesapeake crabbing skiffs.

1999 Calendar of Wooden Boats
Noah Publications
GRAYLING is featured in this calendar.

by Maynard Bray, WoodenBoat 136:99.
A design review detailing the history of the sardine carrier GRAYLING and it’s pre-restoration documentation by Bray & Hylan.

The Ben Garveys
by Mike O’Brien, Boat Design Quarterly, 9:7.
A design review of Doug Hylan’s motor garveys, 15′ 9″ BEN and 19′ BIG BEN.