The case for “The Basket Case”
Ellery Brown
Maine Boats, Homes and Harbors 145
This article discusses the complete restoration of MOLLY B. and similar “basket cases” that are eminently worthy of restoration.

WoodenBoat Magazine’s 2013 MotorBoats
A sidebar by Doug Hylan is featured in Maynard Bray’s article on DELIVERANCE in WoodenBoat Magazine’s 2013 MotorBoats: A World of Wooden Power Craft

Boring Bars and Deadwood
Ellery Brown
WoodenBoat: 220:22
This article describes the deadwood and techniques used in boring the shaft hole for the 1927 cat-yawl MOLLY B.

Mast Meets Deck
Doug Hylan
WoodenBoat 214:65
Wedges, collars, and coats.

Fastening Removal 101
Doug Hylan
WoodenBoat 210:48
Getting old fastenings to budge.

The Path to Less Gloss
Doug Hylan
WoodenBoat 170:29
An essay on the advantages of low gloss paints on boats.

Plywood and the Computer
Doug Hylan
WoodenBoat 148:54
Article describes the use of plywood in boat building and the use of the computer to obtain developable shapes. Features Doug Hylan’s 21′ PRETTY MARSH runabout as an example.

Doug Hylan
WoodenBoat 141:80 & 142:78
A two part article describing the process of restoring and converting the sardine carrier GRAYLING for yacht use. Also attempts to describe the why & how of boat detailing.

The Alburys of Man O’ War Cay
Doug Hylan
WoodenBoat 135:44
Article describes the fine runabouts built by eye by the Albury Bros. in the Bahamas, and covers the process of producing a set of plans for one of these boats.

Building BEACH PEA
Doug Hylan
WoodenBoat 133:76, 134:78, & 135:81
A three part series of articles describing the design and construction of BEACH PEA, a 13′ glued lapstrake peapod designed by Doug Hylan.

RED HEAD: The Builder’s Perspective
Doug Hylan
WoodenBoat 123:58
Article describes cost and time estimating for the construction of a wooden boat, using the Rozinante canoe yawl RED HEAD as an example. Also details rationale for changing rig from ketch to yawl.

A New Twist on Bending Frames
Doug Hylan
WoodenBoat 93:84
A sidebar to an article by Maynard Bray on the restoration of the Winter Harbor 21 WHIPPET. Sidebar describes a technique for pre-bending steamed frame sideways to allow them to better lay against planking in the ends of a boat.

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