On the Drawing Board

A sampling of our ongoing design work. We offer custom design services to individual clients as well as stock plans for amateur or professional construction.



In “Junior’s” shop we built the latest of our “hat” designs. Starting with Doug’s Top Hat design, first built in 2002 followed by the Bowler design first built in 2013, we call this one “Gatsby” (a somewhat obscure hat also known as a newsboy cap.) Her hull is built to the same lines as Top Hat and Bowler. She draws characteristics from each. Her main bulkhead is at the same station as Top Hat’s, providing more cockpit and less cabin than Bowler. Her raised sheer is nearly as high as Bowler providing enough space down below for a functional V-berth and a toilet. She’s new and different from both previous designs in other ways: A rounded windscreen with a convertible canvas top, a 90 HP outboard on the transom (no motor well) and wrap around seat in the rounded aft end of the cockpit will amount to a speedier, and perhaps flashier version of her sisters.