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In “Junior’s” shop we’ll begin construction of the latest of our “hat” designs. Starting with Doug’s Top Hat design, first built in 2002 followed by the Bowler design first built in 2013, we will call this one “Gatsby” (a somewhat obscure hat also known as a newsboy cap.) Her hull will be built to the same lines as Top Hat and Bowler. She’ll draw characteristics from each. Her main bulkhead will be at the same station as Top Hat’s, providing more cockpit and less cabin than Bowler. Her raised sheer will be nearly as high as Bowler providing enough space down below for a functional V-berth and a toilet. She’ll be new and different from both previous designs in other ways: A rounded windscreen with a convertible canvas top, a 90 HP outboard on the transom (no motor well) and wrap around seat in the rounded aft end of the cockpit will amount to a speedier, and perhaps flashier version of her sisters. Doug’s at the computer taking the design from concept to construction details, as I write this.  We are shooting for a July launch.


Door Job for Brooklin Boat Yard

This summer we were subcontracted to build 49 door sets for Brooklin Boat Yards 91 ft sloop, currently under construction down the road. The order was for cherry passageway and cabinet doors, all with curved/ laminated cherry frames. It was the largest joinery project to date at Hylan & Brown, and it all went very well. A special thanks is in order to Kit Macchi who made every laminated frame, built some of the doors, fit every lockset and morticed every hinge. She did a great job and missed out on more than a couple afternoon sails to get it all done.

If you’re in Brooklin I encourage you to stop by BBY and behold this 91 ft. boat. It is impressive in all ways. We were but one small piece of a construction puzzle, the magnitude of which is tough to grasp.


Elco 50

This winter the shop will be busy.  A 1927 Elco 50 flat top called PATIENCE arrived at the shop just last week. She’s had some structural restoration done over the past 10 years. We will begin with outstanding structural issues and then direct our attention to the design and construction of her aft cabin.


Marsh Hen Bare Hull

Early this fall we started construction of a Marsh Hen design “bare hull.” Her owner, a recently retired architect, will finish the boat at his shop in Castine. We look forward to consulting with him and providing him assistance when necessary as he brings the boat to completion.

I’m hoping this arrangement might be appealing to some other ambitious amatuer builders. Doug’s designs are wonderful to work from, and well within reach for many reasonably capable carpenters. But the logistics of building and rolling a hull the size of Marsh Hen or Bowler are challenging in most home shops. Have us build the hull and call or e-mail whenever you need help. It could be a cost effective and rewarding way to take on a project that might otherwise be out of reach.



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