Stock Plans

Here is a partial list of our Boat Plans. We have sold over 2000 sets of plans, mostly to amateur builders. Please see our Frequently Asked Questions page for information about ordering plans, types of construction, shipping costs, and answers to many other questions. Our Facebook page also has a Builders’ Gallery of photos of just some of the many boats built to our designs.



25′ Chesapeake deadrise boat.



A “cruising” version of my TOP HAT launch.


POINT COMFORT 23Point Comfort 23

This boat is a larger version of my popular Point Comfort 18, a traditional Chesapeake Bay workboat type reinterpreted for simpler and more modern construction.


POINT COMFORT 18Point Comfort 18

A Chesapeake deadrise boat for moderate power.


OONAGHLittle Crab

The anti-RIB. The 11’8″ OONAGH is my attempt to combine some of the best qualities of inflatables with the advantages of a traditional dinghy.



The 13′ LITTLE CRAB is a smaller version of our popular 15′ CHESAPEAKE CRAB SKIFF design.



The 30′ D’ANNA is an evolution of the 29′ Beals Island lobster boat, DIANA, which we restored in 2002.


N. G. Herreshoff Coquinacoquina

Both glued lapstrake plywood and traditional cedar over oak construction.

Under license from the MIT’s Hart Nautical Collections, Doug Hylan and Maynard Bray have collaborated to produce a highly detailed builder’s package for both amateur and professional builders.


MARSH HENmarsh hen

a 29′ Vee bottom cruising power boat.


WESTPORT SKIFFwestport skiff

11′ flat-bottom skiff for oars or outboard
This simple-to-build skiff can be extended up to 18′


TOP HATtop hat

A 26′ Vee bottom launch
Good speed and sea keeping ability with low impact & noise



A 29′ Beals Island lobster boat
Inspired by the reconstruction of a 1950’s boat.


PRETTY MARSHpretty marsh

An elegant and beautiful 21′ runabout
Good performance with modest horsepower, a soft and predictable ride.



A 19’7″ Vee bottom boat
A fine outboard, smooth riding, seaworthy, and rugged.


ben garveysBEN GARVEYS

Ben 15′ 9″, Big Ben 19′
Fine boatyard skiffs or small harbor ferries.



An 18′ daysailer/beach cruiser available in multiple configurations:

  • gaff sloop or balanced-lug yawl rig;
  • traditional plank-on-frame, glued lapstrake, or cold-molded construction;
  • keel or centerboard.


BEACH PEAbeach pea

A 13′ yacht tender, also available in extended 15′ version.
A great little boat, seaworthy, stable, and easily rowed.



A 15’3″ skiff for oars, sail, or electric propulsion.



A fast and stable boat that can carry a real load.